Who is Evangelist Freddy Clark? Watch the video below and find out.

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Evangelist Freddy Clark has been working in the ministry for more than half a century. He has traveled constantly in crusades and concerts for over 50 years. 

Brother Clark has a unique gift from God. The people he prays for have testified to genuine miracles and healings in the mighty name of Jesus.

The Clark family, based in Rocky Mount Virginia is widely known for conducting revival crusades and musical concerts featuring bluegrass and country style gospel music.

Freddy and Sylvia Clark were blessed with eleven children including two sets of twins, twin boys and twin girls. Freddy and Sylvia were married on June 7 1973.

Sylvia is a woman of "presence" in word and deed and in song and appearance. She is also the mother of eleven children with amazing patience to do the job.

The children sing and are gifted in musicianship. They have grown up traveling and working with their parents. Their updated ages range from 43 to 22-years-old. Their names in order are: Alan, Aaron, Adam, Ashley, Andrew, Austin, Alexander, Abraham, Avery, Aimee and Amber. After nine consecutive boys, the Clarks received the heavenly promise of twin girls.

All the children can sing in vocal harmonies and solo as well as play several instruments including rhythm guitar, harmonica, acoustic bass, electric bass, mandolin, mondola, lead guitar, fiddle, Banjo, drums, and dobro.

Freddy, who plays twenty instruments, gave the children lessons. "God imparted musical gifts to my children," Clark said.

All or part of this thirteen-member family can be seen and heard in personal appearances in some part of the Nation. It is truly a moving experience to see this group perform and minister to people in the Spirit.


The TV program is a Documentary program that follows Evangelist Freddy Clark's life on the road. Evangelist Freddy Clark demonstrates the Gifts of the Spirit in healing and miracles as well as singing and playing music with his family.


If you would like to contact Freddy Clark his e-mail address is  EvangFreddyClark@AOL.com

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